"Wreath of Tongues‘ name says a lot about them. No, we don’t mean that they have a reputation for sporting headwear styled from the muscular organs of the mouth (at least, not as far we know). We mean more that anyone in the band even thought of the image of a wreath made from tongues in the first place. That is some weird shit. There’s obviously no shortage of metal band names which make reference to gore and violence, but usually, it’s something fairly obvious, ‘Genital Dismemberment’ or ‘Buzzsaw Decapitation’ or whatever. But the dudes in Wreath of Tongues got really creative with their grossness.

That level of outside-the-box thinking extends to the band’s genre-defying music, in which hardcore, grindcore, mathcore, and noise rock all collide, resulting in a rabid, demented detonation of malicious hostility. Put another way: This. Shit. Is. BONKERS.

MetalSucks is proud to premiere Wreath of Tongues’ debut, Out with the Good, which you can check out below! The band will self-release it tomorrow, Friday, July 21. Pre-order it here. The band also has four live dates tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday to celebrate the release. Get their itinerary at the bottom of this post!!!"

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Metal Injection Premieres New Single "Golden Shroud"

WREATH OF TONGUES Brings the Face pummeling With "Golden Shroud"

"The New York-based four-piece, Wreath Of Tongues, are about to unleash a new EP called Out With The Good, and it is fierce as fuck! With a dash of grind, punk, death, and math punching through your speakers, WOT mixes shit up with sharp turns and keeps you moving.

I'm excited to share the premiere for "Golden Shroud", a pummeling track that will make you an instant fan of what these guys are doing" - Frank Godla. Metal Injection [Full Article]

Metal Insider Premieres new single "Wreath of Tongues"

Thanks to Metal Insider for premiering "Wreath of Tongues", the first single off of our debut album Out With The Good (July 21 2017).

Check it out here: 

Wreath of Tongues new EP :: Out With the Good :: Coming July 21 2017